Used positioners - Further machines availables

Positioners 3-5,5 Ton & Head&Tail stocks 10-15 Ton

The wide offer of used positioner and rotators by A.Narducci S.p.A. is now increased by further machines with capacity of 3.000 and 5.000 kg, and by four Head&Tail Stocks  with capacity of 10 and 15 Ton.

_N°6 Positioners Simas TK3000, capacity 3.000 kg

_N°1 Positioner Passerini PTR30 E1E, capacity 3.000 kg

_N°1 Elevating positiner Passerini PTR EL-50, capacity 5.000 kg

_N°1 Head&Tail Stock Simas PAOM5000EL+PAOF5000EL, capacity 10.000 kg

_N°2 Head&Tail Stock Silvestrini SA 2 TC 15/E, capacity 15.000 kg

_N°1 Head&Tail Stock Diesse DS TC-150/E, capacity 15.000 kg

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