The welding evolution.

The different uses of welding today require a wider and wider range of applicational solutions for the procedures. The A. Narducci S.p.A. is particularly careful to these solicitations and responds in an effective way offering the Customer the most suitable product, studied on purpose to satisfy his specific demands. That means continue research for new and better solutions.

The A.Narducci S.p.a. produces and sells everything necessary for welding.

The A.Narducci S.p.A. supplies the specialized firms as well as the professional welder with any instrument necessary for weldings of every material and part. Don't wonder if it does exist, but find it in used equipments or welding products sections.

New formulas new opportunities.

Aware of the market demands:

  • we have invested into research preparing laboratories able to develop new welding products;
  • we have prepared an rent section where you will be able to hire the equipment you need to weld your parts, with the pertinent economical benefits;
  • we have prepared the workshop, with the direction of a technical office beware to all projectual sides, in such a way as to carry out subsidiary welding equipments fitted on customer's needs.
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