Protection curtain for welding

SCREENS AND CURTAINS TO CREATE WELDING BOOTHS A range of different solutions for optic protection near welding areas. PROTECTION CURTAINS The optic protection curtains for welding are produced according to rules DIN 1598. – Bordered on 4 sides, with seven reinforced eyelet and with press-buttons on 2 sides in order to join curtains each other. – Orange colour: all kind of welding, risk level 0,8 DIN 1598 – Dark green colour: arc welding, risk level 0,05 DIN 1598 and DIN 32504 – 1 PROTECTION SCREENS “GAZELLE” Each screen is consisting of a stable reinforcement with galvanized steel pipe and a sheet or alternatively, on request, 4 strips. The configuration of the structure allows to match them in aligned or perpendicular way in order to realize little welding box. PROTECTION SCREENS “OMNIUM” Screen “OMNIUM” are movable with 4 castors, of which 2 with brake. They can be connected and it is possible also to create a large screen very easily. The central section can be fitted with 2 swivel arms. In this way a triptych screen is obtained, width 3.750mm or 4.350mm.
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