Welding back-up help

AND PROTECTION RIBBON BACK-SIDE OF WELDING A.NARDUCCI has supplied ceramic welding support and protection ribbons back-side of welding for a long time, in Italy and abroad. The WELDING BACK-UP “HELP” enable to carry out welding from one side with full penetration, WITHOUT welding on the back side, WITHOUT gouging, WITHOUT grinding, WITHOUT oxidation, WITHOUT pollution or analysis changing in fusion bath, WITHOUT hydrogen inclusion, with EXCELLENT execution speed and utilizable for EVERY welding process. HELP means operation economy. HELP is available in various sizes to meet the most demand user’s requirements, but on specific demand we can manufacture HELP to measure. NOVELTY: now HELP is available also for ALUMINIUM and it is FLEXIBLE too!! Besides, A.NARDUCCI offers PROTECTION RIBBONS BACK-SIDE OF WELDING for GREAT SAVING of purging gas, INCREASE of production, PERFECT SOLUTION for stainless steel and alloyed metal, STOP weld defects, PROTECTION of the weld back-side. Availability: CB–SIL and CB–GLASS according to different applications.
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