Glass felts

Felt produced with eco-friendly fibres Felt produced with eco-friendly fibres (glass HT with high content of calcium/silicates), with very good insulating properties even at high temperatures. These felts are mechanically needled on both sides and mantein high traction strenght before and after heating. They contain neither binders nor lubricants, therefore they do not produce smokes or smells during temperature rise. Flexible, easy to cut to size and to instal. Available in standard rolls with different sizes and thickness. · Technical features: excellent high temperatures insulation; low thermal conductivity; high thermal shocks resistance, light and flexible; low heat – shrink coefficient; low heat storage; excellent thermal stability; good traction strenght at high and low temperatures; good acoustic insulation; good softness and resilience. · Use: refractory insulating of ovens; detachable insulating parts for turbines, valves, flanges and piping in general; ovens crown insulation; sealing of oven doors; hight temperature dilatation joints; insulation of stoves, ovens, boiler; antifire protection; siderurgic industry; furnaces; nuclear reactors.
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